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Objective Scatter Index: Working Toward a New Quantification of Cataract?

AbstractPurpose: To investigate the associations between clinical cataract classifications, quality of life (QOL), and the objective loss of ocular transparency in patients presenting with clinical cataracts.Methods:In this prospective, multicenter, cross-sectional study, 1,768 eyes of 1,768 patients (mean age: 72.5 years; range: 28 to 93 years) referred for cataract assessment were enrolled. Visual acuity was measured before […]

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Accutome in India for Nepal Ophthalmic Society Conference (NOSC)

Recently Accutome attended the Nepal Ophthalmic Society Conference (NOSC). In attendance for Accutome was the Mr. Ramasubbu Ramamoorthy with our local Distributor Vaishno Medi Sales. During the visit Mr. Ramasubbu Ramamoorthy also attended the installation of a new 4Sight (ophthalmic ultrasound combination unit) at Nepal Eye Hospital and provided product support and training. Nepal Ophthalmic Society was […]

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Accutome Goes to Taipei

Accutome recently attended the APAO (Asia Pacific Ophthalmology Assoc) congress in Taipei, Taiwan. The APAO is one of the most important Asia Pacific ophthalmology meetings. As this was organized in Taipei, a large group of Chinese companies and ophthalmologists attended. According the organization, a total of > 4000 physicians registered. Accutome was represented by our international […]

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1 How UBM can improve your ophthalmology practice

How UBM Seamlessly Incorporates into (and Actually Improves) Your Practice

Ophthalmologists looking to detect any issues in the eye’s anterior segment non-invasively yet with a high degree of precision should really consider incorporating an ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) into their practice. One of the problems that ophthalmologists face all the time with optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a lack of depth or limited penetration. This problem stems […]

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When Do You Know It’s Time To Use The UBM?

A respected voice in the eye care industry, ophthalmologist Dr. Larry Berstein, has found that combining gonioscopy with a UBM Plus unit provides the most nuanced clinical data and is the preferred choice of his patients. While both gonioscopy and UBM Plus units are tools that clinicians call upon to examine patients’ anterior chamber, Dr. Berstein and others have found that combining these two approaches […]

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