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What Ophthalmologists Need To Know About Treating Floppy Iris Syndrome

Ophthalmologists at surgical centers are always looking for new, on-site procedures that can expand the horizons of their business. And university programs that train the next generation of ophthalmologists are always interested in finding new skills with which they can equip their students. Acquiring the knowledge base and the tools to successfully treat floppy iris syndrome is […]

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DQSA Compliance Guidelines for Ophthalmologists: Get Ready for November 1st

When new regulations on how dispensers (including doctor’s offices) document the transfer and purchases of pharmaceuticals kick in on November 1st of this year, will your ophthalmology practice be prepared? Do you buy from distributors in full compliance with the law, who themselves obtain their products from compliant manufacturers? If you’re not prepared, or you’re not sure […]

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What Changes to the FDA Grandfather Clause Means for Ophthalmologists

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the ways in which modern drugs are produced, marketed and prescribed. However, the federal laws that affect this approval process weren’t always in place. Did you know that some drugs have largely been immune to these regulations for decades? Thanks to a loophole know as the “Grandfather Clause”, many older […]

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The Superior Ophthalmology Office: Training for Billing Procedures

The best approach to appropriate maximization of reimbursements from billings – is by having administrators with the core knowledge required – keeping your office legally compliant at all times. Although many thriving ophthalmology practices may prefer to train billing staff “in-house” there is much to be gained by hiring a professional who has the ability to […]

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Plan To Pull Ahead: Steps To Grow Your Ophthalmology Practice

There are a number business tactics you can implement to grow your ophthalmology practice and make it more efficient. We’ve already blogged about the best ophthalmology billing procedures, which is certainly important. However, today’s post is dedicated to a more overarching strategy focused on one thing – growth. The landscape is quickly changing when it comes to […]

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