What Should I Be Looking for When Purchasing a B-Scan?

What Should I Be Looking for When Purchasing a B-Scan?

As an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist, choosing the right equipment to incorporate into your practice can sometimes be challenging. When purchasing a B-Scan for your office, it is very important to research the different options and select the best fit. It can be a difficult decision, but following these guidelines and looking for specific features can help.


1. Resolution and Portability

Perhaps the most important thing to look for when buying a B-Scan is high-resolution. You can be the best doctor/technician in the world but if your image is not clear, correctly diagnosing and catching retinal issues can be challenging. Make sure the company you decide on offers high-resolution imaging. The better and clearer the image, the more likely you can catch a disease early enough to treat effectively.

Portability is also something to consider. If you have disabled or elderly patients, several office locations, several rooms, etc. – make sure the unit is portable. Patient comfort is important and should be considered before making the purchase.

2. User-friendliness and Easy Uploading to EMR

We all know that connectivity to EMR is essential in today's ophthalmic industry. Make sure the B-Scan you choose is compatible with the EMR system you have. This will ensure that the office runs smoothly, and revenue can be generated in a timely manner.

User-friendliness is important as well. If you have an office with a good amount of technician or doctor turnover, having a B-Scan that is user-friendly is important. This will ensure that new technicians or doctors will be able to navigate easily through the software. Make sure that the company you purchase from is easy to reach, provides training, and is customer driven.

3. Extra Fees? Licensing? Upgrade Costs? Future Repair Costs?

Companies that offer B-Scans will sometimes quote you a price up front that looks attractive. Over time, you may discover that this initial cost is increasing rapidly once you explain that you want the unit to function at different offices, exam rooms, etc.

Make sure the price you are quoted is the price you are going to receive at the end of the sale. Some companies will also charge you for software updates. Having a unit that is constantly being upgraded with no additional charges is essential.

4. Beware of Service after the Sale

Make sure the company you choose will be there beyond the time of your purchase. Your company needs to be there for you anytime your unit needs repair, servicing, or upgrade evaluations. Having a Rep from a company that you know well, and trust completely will help you in your time of need, which is essential.

When it comes to service after the sale - it is just as essential to have knowledgeable and competent support. Your representative should work for a company who is willing to go the distance for you and your clinical ophthalmology practice long after the sale has been made. Never settle for less.

Doing your homework before purchasing your B-Scan will make a difference that will save you time, and a lot of money. Choosing exactly the right company and representative will steer you around major headaches that can easily be avoided. Never forget to focus on who does the best job of providing on-going service long after the purchase of your new B-Scan.

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