Use the A-Scan Plus Connect to Help More Patients

Use the A-Scan Plus Connect to Help More Patients

The A-Scan Plus Connect ultrasound biometer is designed to aid your measurement accuracy, speed and patient-flow all at once. With the ability to measure virtually any patient eye regardless of fixation or opacity, you have both confidence and a smooth patient experience when using this device.


Simpler Usage

The ability to easily use a device can make or break your office profitability. With the A-Scan Plus Connect your learning curve is a short and pleasant one. The A-Scan Plus Connect was designed with accuracy and ease of use in mind, the proprietary software was designed based on your feedback and needs. You won't have to attend a seminar on how to use it, and even reading the instructions may prove unnecessary. You have enough to do training your staff on other facets of your business -- and the A-Scan Plus Connect allows you to get work done with minimal training.

Better Support

How often has your clinics workflow been slowed due to sub-standard or non-existent product support? Product support lines and sales representatives contact information is great, however response time is critical and time is money. The A-Scan Plus Connect comes with the assurance that you have access to Accutome’s product support specialists and that your call will be answered by a REAL person, not an automated system.

Faster Chair Time

How quickly does your existing A-Scan equipment scan patients' eyes and move the process along? With the A-Scan Plus Connect, you can greatly accelerate the process while also providing the highest standard of care. This is a positive from everyone's perspective because it allows your patients to get out of your office more swiftly while also allowing you to help more patients in a shorter amount of time.

100 Percent Measurement

Measuring patients who have cataracts or difficulty with fixating their vision has traditionally been a challenge. Fortunately, it is now far easier to evaluate everyone equally even if they have substantial cataracts, or if they are not fixating properly. At times due to attention deficit disorders, or other specific eye problems a patient may have other fixation issues not allowing them to focus properly. With the A-Scan Plus Connect, this is not only possible but is a completely practical part of the process of operation. When you can scan all patients you open up many new options for patient care.

Easy to Share

Information is power, and it enables you and your clinic to provide the highest standard of care. The A-Scan Plus Connect provides the flexibility needed to export in multiple file formats in order to synchronize with EMR. Adaptable document transfer through PCs, laptops and tablets allows for simple review and storage of important information. By the same token, portable design only adds to the ease of sharing whenever and wherever needed. Network sharing is equally easy through the use of EMR or network locations. You can scan more accurately, rapidly, share information more effectively and know with certainty you are providing the highest standard of care and best possible visual outcomes.

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