How One Ophthalmic Device Can

Improve Outcomes and Streamline Patient Flow

Watch Dr. Larry Berstein explain how the UBM Plus® improved his ophthalmic practice:

Why You Need a UBM for Your Practice

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UBM Improves Patient Care

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UBM Investment & ROI

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Advice to Doctors

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Why Choose Accutome?

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About the UBM Plus®

Accutome revolutionized the world of ultrasound imaging with the launch of the UBM Plus®. We proudly introduce the new portable, high definition UBM Plus®.

The state-of-the-art probe plugs into a laptop or PC. The anterior segment images are recorded in an adjustable video loop and easily transfer to EMR. Upgradeable software protects your investment.

UBM Probe Closeup

Key Features of the UBM Plus®

  • High definition imaging: Detailed structure definition including cornea, iris, ciliary body, zonules, crystalline lens and intraocular lens as well as pathologies.
  • State-of-the-art probe design: Sharper, more focused images due to the elimination of signal loss.
  • Unsurpassed data analysis: Contains measuring tools. Useful for measuring sulcus-to-sulcus, anterior chamber depth, positioning of intraocular lenses and filtration angle of the eye.
  • Portable: Plug probe into any laptop or PC and go.
  • Never miss an image: Unlimited adjustable video loops.
  • Share information easily: Adaptable document transfer via EMR, email or printer.
  • Protect your investment: Easily upgrade software.
  • Master in minutes: User-friendly interface makes user manuals and quick start guides unnecessary.

Clinical Applications of the UBM Plus®

  • Glaucoma/narrow angle patients
  • Ciliary body imaging
  • ICL placement
  • Dislocated IOLs
  • Cyclo dialysis
  • Sulcus-to-sulcus measurements
  • Ciliary/iris cysts

The UBM Plus® Is DICOM℠ Compatible

The DICOM℠ (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is the standard for communication of medical imaging devices, by specifying a protocol for network communications, media communications, file formats and other information.

DICOM℠ Capabilities:​

  • Export and store to your DICOM℠ server or PACS/ image management system
  • Verification of connection to other Application Entities (AEs)


  • DICOM℠ exporting capacity
  • One license one location - No need for multiple license purchases.
  • Easy installation - No need to send unit in for upgrade - Can be completed remotely
  • Easy activation - Minimal information needed to activate exporting capabilities
  • 100% product support via Accutome home office

Designed for Immersion and Use with ClearScan®

ClearScan® – developed by Dr. Tom Prager – is an innovative single use ultrasound probe cover which eliminates the difficulties and problems of the shell and gel system. The ClearScan® consists of an extremely thin film that is acoustically invisible, resulting in the same distortion free ultrasound image as with the shell/gel technique, but without the discomfort. ClearScan® also has the ability to scan 10mm posterior from the limbus.

Open Shell Challenges​

ClearScan® Solutions

  • Patient must be in reclined position
  • Cannot be used on the eye directly after surgery
  • Requires BSS/distilled water to be used in shell
  • Shell must be inserted onto patient eye causing discomfort
  • Sterile probe cover can help to reduce the risk of patient to patient transfer of infection
  • Internal bag pressure can be easily reduced for eyes with low IOP
  • Examine delicate structures following recent surgery
  • Examine young children
  • Simple exam setup, approximately 30 seconds