Increase Ophthalmology Office ROI with One Stop Shopping

Increase Ophthalmology Office ROI with One Stop Shopping

Placing orders for an ophthalmology office, ophthalmic surgery center or hospital can be a daunting task.

There are so many ophthalmic products and so many ophthalmic vendors it can be a bit overwhelming.

Perhaps you need tip covers for your tonometer? Need ophthalmic instruments like a diamond knife, capsulorhexis forceps, axis marker or guarded disposable?

How about clinical supplies like surgical gloves and pharmaceuticals such as ciprofloxacin or fluorocaine?

The list is endless! What are you to do – or better yet, what do you actually do?


What to do – start with existing vendors?

If you are like most out there, you muddle through the ordering process and stick to existing vendors.

You know where you bought Ciprofloxacin last time, so just pick up the phone and call that vendor to re-order. You know the other vendor you bought Fluorocaine from last time too….so just pick up the phone and call in your re-order.

Sounds great, but your list is LONG and you have so many more things to order. Is this really the best approach? Probably not, but it gets the job done.

Now you’ve been tasked to order something you’ve never ordered before. Now what do you do?

What to do – the Internet?

To the Internet!

Just search for the new product you need, hope their website allows you to add it to your cart and voila - product ordered. Job well done, right!?

Wait, this site doesn’t have e-commerce. On to the next one. But they don’t have e-commerce, either. Guess you’ll just have to call.

What to do – the phone?

Now you’ve been tasked with purchasing a product that you can’t seem to find online. How can this be? Google is supposed to know everything.

Perhaps the industry term for this product has changed, or perhaps it is something that was not FDA approved. What do you do?

You know what you have to do – get on the phone.

So you call up that person you ordered Ciprofloxacin from. Hmmm, can’t seem to get anyone to answer the phone.

Oh well, you’ve got to move down the list, so you call that other person you ordered Fluorocaine from. You get someone on the phone this time, but they aren’t the same person you spoke with last time.

And now you’re on hold. Fast forward 10 minutes - Great they are back!

“We don’t carry that product you are asking for,” the rep says.

You respond, “Do you know anyone who does?”

The rep responds “No. Have a great day.” Dead end and time to do more research.

What about price?

On top of all of these products you have to order, your supervisor is coming down on you because he wants cheaper prices. Now you have to do even more research and contact even more vendors.

Of course, all of this makes you feel like you’re spending your entire day just spinning your wheels. What a waste of time and money!

What is the solution? How can you stop wasting so much time? ONE STOP SHOPPING!

One stop shopping is the best solution! One vendor who can do the work of all of your vendors. A company that covers the entire ophthalmic market from surgical instruments and supplies; to clinical medications and supplies; to ultrasound diagnostic equipment.

That company is Accutome.

As an Accutome customer, you will have one main sales rep, but access to a whole team of friendly and helpful representatives. Also, you can send them your entire office supply list for the whole year and they will go through it one by one to set up a streamlined ordering process and discounts based on bulk ordering.

Here are some other great Accutome benefits:

Office hours are 8am – 8pm EST and during these hours your calls will ALWAYS be answered by a live person.

If they don’t carry a product, they will tell you where you can get it.

If you are in a bind, and need a loaner instrument for surgery – they can work with you.

Send them your office supply list for optimizing ordering processes and costs.

Order on their easy-to-use e-commerce website.They have distributors all over the world.

So stop wasting time, which ultimately will cost you money. Call Accutome today (1-800-979-2020) and find out how they can help you increase Return on Investments (ROI) with ONE STOP SHOPPING!

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