How to Train Your Staff to Properly Run an A-Scan

How to Train Your Staff to Properly Run an A-Scan

Because the a-scan is specifically designed to meet the demands of cutting-edge cataract surgery, it has options for new lens designs as well as the ability to optimize surgeon factors based on surgical outcomes.

This predictability can catapult a practice simply through the patient-referral process. This is why complete training on the care, maintenance and use of your a-scan is mandatory for your staff.


Steps for Training Office Staff on Proper A-Scan Use

Obtaining high-quality training for operating and maintaining your a-scan is not just beneficial for you and your staff - It also results in a greater positive experience for your patients because you'll be able to give them the best possible surgical outcome.

You need an expert who can teach you and your staff how to get the most out of all the features your a-scan offers. Finding this expert is the smartest and most efficient way to deliver streamlined, simple, and positive experience for your patients that you desire.

To obtain this expert-level training, first try going to the source where you purchased your a-scan. The company you purchased from is the most likely source for the highest-quality training.

Patient Experience, Results and Referrals

The direct experience your patient has before, during and after their cataract surgery is what determines the scope of your success on many levels. It is a given that the patient will be talking about this experience both before and after undergoing the surgery.Nine times out of ten - the patient's outcome and overall experience with your office - determines if they come back to your practice, and if they refer you to family and friends when they need ophthalmic care.

Other Aspects Your Training Should Include

Your a-scan training should include details on:

How to operate the user interface and set-up default settings

How to properly scan an eye

Key tips to scanning difficult or dense cataract patients

How to read and interpret the scans

How to set-up lens groups and understand lens calculations

How to adjust these calculations

How to refine these specifics

How to measure 100% of patients

How to approach those with dense cataracts or fixation difficulties

How to maintain your equipment

How to provide the most comfortable experience for your patient

How to give accurate predictions to the patient about what to expect

How To Choose Your A-Scan Company

Know your sources intimately. When spending the amounts required to invest in a quality a-scan device, such as the A-Scan Plus Connect, you need to choose a company that provides adequate training and support.

Because of the highly-technical realities involved in calculating premium IOLs - not to mention the direct experience and results for your patients - choose a company that can deliver free professional support for these aspects of care-delivery.

Accutome leads the design and function for major ophthalmic procedural excellence and care - If you need deeper, more effective training for your office staff, contact the experts at Accutome today.

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