How Accutome Made Our First Ophthalmology Course a Success

How Accutome Made Our First Ophthalmology Course a Success

My name is Scott Serbin, and I head up the development of provider education programs for Emergency Medical Associates (EMA).

The flagship program I helped develop is the Advanced Emergency Medicine Conference, a regional EM conference, which draws EM providers from across the country. Within the conference, there are many different courses available that cover a variety of specialties as they relate to emergency medical treatment.


In this post, I want to highlight how Accutome made a direct contribution to the success of our most recent conference in 2014.

Last year was the 12th year of the Advanced Emergency Medicine Conference. And it was the first year we introduced an ophthalmology course to teach relevant skills to ER physicians and advanced practice providers.

This is where Accutome came in. They reached out and offered to donate several tonometers for this course, which would have otherwise been very costly to get access to.

By providing us with enough of the right type of equipment, Accutome helped ensure a solid educational experience for both instructors and course attendees and the success of the course.

Both the course participants and instructors were so impressed with the ease of use of the Accutome tonometers that we purchased a unit for our Advanced Practice Provider Academy.

Our representative, Nathan Little, was professional, responsive and extremely supportive of our course and in the purchase of our tonometer.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with Accutome again this Fall, for the 13th Annual Advanced Emergency Medicine Conference.

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