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Diamond Knives Selection

Diamond Knives Overview

​Accutome’s diamond knives are the perfect blend of design and craftsmanship, in order to make superior corneal incisions.

By owning it’s own diamond cutting facility, Accutome is able to offer a diamond knife exchange program, allowing you to upgrade or change blade designs as your incision needs change.

​With an in-house repair facility, Accutome is able to provide high quality repairs and quick repair turnaround times.



Unsurpassed sharpness

Quality Handles

Titanium and aluminum handles

Superior Warranty

Lifetime warranty on titanium handles

Cost Effective

More cost effective than metal blades

Variety of Sizes

Variety of sizes and configurations available to fit your surgical needs

Are Diamonds for You?

Use Our Diamond Knife ROI Calculator

Disposable blades are cheaper in the short-term. That much is obvious. However, over time, the savings using diamond knives can be massive. Use our calculator to see exactly how much you could save.

Dr. Tyson Discusses Diamond Knives

Watch Dr. Farrell Tyson II, MD discuss the quality of diamond versus steel blades, emphasizing the diamond blade’s smoothness and accuracy. He elaborates on how to maintain the quality of the blades to ensure that they last several years, ultimately saving funds in the long run.

Red Carpet Program

About the Program

Accutome is offering our Red Carpet Program to any Diamond Knife customer.

Our goal is to make it easier for you to maintain your Diamond Knives while making the repairs process smoother and faster.

Key Features

  • Free pre-packaged and labeled box to send in your damaged knife
  • Guaranteed repair pricing for 1 year
  • Free cleaning and calibration of your diamond knives
  • 24 hour turnaround time on most makes and styles
  • Repairs completed in-house, by our staff in an ISO certified facility

6 Steps to Successful Reprocessing of Diamond Knives

Diamond knife sterilization tray
  1. Manual Cleaning: Sterilization cannot take place if there is bioburden on the diamond knife. Accutome recommends you decontaminate your diamond knife with a diamond knife cleaning system, such as the Opti-Kleen before using an ultrasonic cleaner. Steam cleaning can also be done before using an ultrasonic cleaner.
  2. Ultrasonic Cleaning: Ultrasonic cleaning is a continuation of the cleaning process. Through the process of cavitation, ultrasonic cleaning can remove microscopic debris from your diamond knives. It’s a mechanical process that uses sound waves and an ultrasonic solution to produce the cavitation effect. After the cleaning, the knives need rinsing and drying.
  3. Inspection: Once the cleaning process is complete, the diamond knives undergo a magnified inspection. This inspection is a check for remaining debris and possible damage. If there is debris, then the knife must go through the cleaning process again.
  4. Sterilizing: As you can see, a lot occurs before you ever reach the actual sterilization phase. This is also the part of the process most are familiar with. Using a steam autoclave set at the right cycle is all there is to it, in most cases.
  5. Storage: You need sterile storage solutions that eliminate the possibility of contamination. Storage solutions are unique to the practice. Your needs will dictate what kind of storage solution is best for you and your practice.
  6. Handling: Handling is an adjunct of storage. Once you find a good storage medium, you have to store the diamond knives until they’re ready for use.

    Depending on the nature of the practice, more steps may become necessary. There are many considerations for each step that go beyond what’s listed here. You can read our comprehensive care and handling guide for diamond knives and other instruments here.

If It’s Broke, Fix It

Diamond Knife Repair

Accutome repairs all brands and styles of diamond knives and also provides a wide range of repair services for phaco handpieces and handheld surgical instruments. Our experienced staff provides quality, professional service utilizing technologically advanced in-house repair facilities.

  • Any size and any style knife can be repaired, usually within 24 hours.
  • We will refurbish your old handles when your diamond blades are repaired.
  • Our Diamond Exchange Program allows you to upgrade or change blade designs and sizes as your incisional needs change.
  • Accutome will replace the older blade in your diamond knife with a new state-of-the-art Clear Cornea, Simplicity one pass, or Phaco blade for the price of a repair.
  • Exact size guarantee within 60 days of a diamond knife purchase, Accutome adjusts diamond widths at no extra charge should the surgeon require a larger or smaller incision.