Diamond Knives Deliver Superior Wound-Seal and Significant Cost Savings

Diamond Knives Deliver Superior Wound-Seal and Significant Cost Savings

There has been an ongoing discussion among leading ophthalmologist and clinicians about the advantages of superior quality but expensive diamond knives versus the popular, easily replaceable steel blades.

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The Difference: Slicing Through Butter / Pressing Firmly

The lower-cost disposable steel blades for many may well seem like the most practical approach, especially because of the ease of keeping a sterile field when using sterile packaged blades, and the lack of any post-surgery care and handling required.

Over time the overall impact of a lower quality incision may interfere with quality of care goals for the surgeon, although when first beginning a practice, the advantages can be significant financially. This factor is due to the need to apply a bit more pressure when using a disposable knife to the corneal surface, which can also cause a less precise and slower-to-heal incision.

According to one highly respected cataract surgeon, Dr. Tyson, “using a diamond blade is very different from wielding the disposable knife - the difference is like slicing easily through butter - as opposed to having to press down firmly.”

Why Diamond Blades Mean Savings for Your Clinic

Any competent surgeon who tracks long term costs of office instruments and equipment will discover that diamond blades not only provide a far superior quality for incisions leading to faster wound-healing, but they can save a practice thousands of dollars over time versus using a disposable steel blade. Though the initial purchase price of diamond knives can be significant, they can more than make up for the cost in the savings they offer a practice over the course of just the first year in the centers surgical tray rotation.

This is because diamond blades keep their precise incision qualities for a long time. When they do need sharpening, the cost is extremely low in comparison to buying a new knife. Ensuring the limited need for repairs all comes back to proper care and handling techniques for diamond knives. If handled correctly a single diamond knife can last through more than a decade of surgeries.

Potentially the greatest benefit of diamond knives is the high quality, reproducible wound construction they offer. Superior incision quality means not only will the patient’s wounds heal faster, but it will also reduce the risk of infection to the surgically repaired eye.

It is for these reasons many surgical clinicians begin their practice using the cost effective disposable blades, and once the practice is stabilized and client flow is consistent - they will often switch to the diamond blade for the superior surgical knife performance.

Accutome Diamond Knives, Equipment Supply Services

Accutome has been leading the market with the highest quality ophthalmic instruments and precision equipment for over a quarter of a century.

We understand the need for quality, savings, ongoing education, training and the most precision equipment available to ophthalmologists today. We also understand the need for cutting costs, especially when a practice is just getting off the ground. This is why we offer options that help surgical office clinicians get a foot up financially - by delivering the best options for practical ophthalmic surgery clinic approaches.

If you are intending to increase the quality of your surgeries, while finding ways to save on your practice maintenance costs - simply choose Accutome as your supplier for your long-lasting precision diamond knives today.

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