These Breakthrough Ophthalmic Tonometer Designs May Surprise You

These Breakthrough Ophthalmic Tonometer Designs May Surprise You

When it comes to patient IOP screening – doctors and patients deserve the best possible instruments for speed, accuracy and performance.

In today’s high-tech world – we have cutting-edge designs rolling into the market at a faster pace than ever before. Increased accuracy, lighter-weights and far more user friendly – high-tech is delivering the best of the best into daily practice settings.


New Tonometer Designs Surprise Ophthalmologists

Busy facilities need instruments that speed performance, and save a busy doctor’s time. Key instruments need to be accurate and easy to use. This is why Accutome developed the “AccuPen” handheld tonometer.

Gravity Used To Offset Calibration

Gravity offset technology is new in tonometer design. It provides the most precise IOP measurements possible at any patient position

There are fewer calibration requirements in new tonometer designs, and the new micro-strain gauge technology has been combined with algorithm synchronization which provides greater reproducible results, making the new AccuPen tonometer performance far superior to any of its predecessors.


Simple-to-use actually means time-saving. Anytime that you choose a precision instrument such as a tonometer is designed so that simplicity-of-use is a dominant factor – you have succeeded at choosing an instrument that saves you time, while increasing your patient’s sense of service and quality of care.

With an ergonomic designs that includes sighting lines, easy cornea visualization and a simpler process for perpendicularity and centralization, the AccuPen tonometer delivers precise IOP measurements without the need for a confidence factor or statistical analysis to prove accuracy.

Fits Any Hand – Both Left and Right Handed Users

Your precision tonometer needs to fit any user’s preferences, and save both time and money for the practitioner.

To be competitive today – the precision design needs to be effective for ambidextrous usage while also fitting perfectly and comfortably in any size of hand. Measurements are quick and so easy your patient can be in any position and your measurements will still be effective.

Contoured Molding and Visible LCD

The newest tonometer's weigh in at only three ounces and they come with a secure travelling case for adequate protection and safe transportation.

They store at least nine measurements at any given time, and they should offer you a built in IOP correction calculator that has the ability to adjust IOP based on central corneal thickness.

This remarkable new technology, when applied to the tonometer - has effectively delivered long-lasting use on lithium batteries – while completely eliminating the need for any “up, down or all around” daily calibration processes.

If you are an Ophthalmologist who is seeking ways to save time, and expand the profitability of your practice – check out the new line of handheld tonometers today

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