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Accutome: The Total Solutions Provider for All Your Ophthalmic Needs

Accutome is an industry leader in ophthalmic diagnostic equipment, now entering its fourth decade in business. The company offers a broad range of products, while fostering a culture of openness, integrity, and accountability. Accutome is committed to growing its brand through superior customer service, quality, and innovation. The company’s goal is to make each and every customer experience a special one.

Fred Kremer, MD, developed the formulas to create the first ultrasound pachymeter. This device was used to measure corneal thickness for the radial keratotomy (RK) market. After patenting this groundbreaking product, in 1983 Dr. Kremer founded Accutome in Malvern, Pennsylvania to make the technology more widely available.

In 1991, Brian Chandler, a retired naval officer with over 20 years of service, became president of Accutome. Since the pachymeter is used for refractive surgery, Kremer and Chandler began expanding the company’s product line to better serve this specialty. They added a small line of micrometer diamond knives and instruments for surgeons, and began offering repairs for these items.

In the early days, Accutome struggled to find funding. It was difficult to convince investors to finance research and development for diagnostic equipment. Getting new products approved by the FDA for sale in the U.S. also proved challenging. The company found getting CE marks for international sale no easier. But the founders believed in their vision and persevered. Focusing on diamond knives and select surgical instruments as a primary source of income gave them a financial base on which to build while awaiting approval of new products.

Accutome continued to expand their product line over the years. In 1997, Accutome added a pharmaceutical division. This new arm of the company offered dilation and numbing drops, injectable fluorescein, antibiotics, and ophthalmic disposables. At the turn of the 21st century, they bought Mentor Teknar’s diagnostic line. In response to the growing number of intraocular lens (IOL) options, Accutome added a number of new products in the following years, including A-scan, B-scan Plus, and UBM Plus.

In order to better serve its market and continue to grow, in 2012 Accutome was acquired by Halma. Halma is an industry leader that owns many respected companies in the medical sector.

Today, Accutome carries a full line of surgical products, including diamond knives, instruments, disposables, and sutures. The company also offers a wide range of diagnostic products made in-house, including the 4Sight combination unit, PachPen (a handheld pachymeter), Accupen (a handheld Tonometer), and AccuPach VI (a tabletop pachymeter). Additionally, they sell office and clinical supplies such as clinical disposables, diagnostic lenses, over-the-counter and prescription pharma, and reusable clinical supplies. Accutome is also the exclusive distributor of Quickrinse instrument cleaner. Finally, the company offers state-of-the-art repair for instruments and diagnostic tools.

Accutome has overcome many obstacles to become an industry leader. The company has responded to new technical developments with a growing number of options and the latest formulas. Today, Accutome is a one-stop shop for ophthalmic needs, with one of the broadest product lines in ophthalmology. Learn more about Accutome and our complete line of ophthalmic products.

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