About EyeOpener

EyeOpener is your portal into the Ophthalmic community where information, education and other relevant opportunities await. Beneficial and easily shared source material allows Ophthalmic professionals and clinical managers to access training support utilizing articles and video’s, product reviews, practice advice and much more.

Our active team of experts will update this information and support your practice by providing professional perspectives, educational editorials and other articles relevant to the profitable advancement of your Ophthalmic surgical clinic or practice.

Meet The Team

Matt Virgilio

Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing

Matt leads the global sales and marketing team. He has been in the medical industry since 1990, working for pharmaceutical and medical laboratory companies. His degrees are in Health Care management, business, and pricing strategies.

Jeffrey McCune

Clinical Sales Representative & Team Leader

Jeffrey is a Clinical Sales Representative and Team Leader. He has been with the company since 2008 and loves helping customers with their busy Clinical needs.

Colin Jenkins

Surgical Sales Manager

Colin is the surgical sales manager. He has been working in the ophthalmic industry since 2006 in several sales and management roles, while also working directly with surgeons in the field to bring new surgical products and techniques to the industry. He oversees the surgical sales team, and has a wide range of knowledge about ophthalmic surgical procedures, and the products used in these cases.

Kristen Chowanes

Clinical Representative & Manager

Kristen is a Clinical Team Leader and oversees four sales representatives, as well as a sales territory. She has been with Accutome for seven years. She graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Biobehavioral Health.

John Risley

Clinical Sales Manager

John is the clinical sales manager. He has been working in the Ophthalmic industry since 2005 in various sales and management roles. He oversees our clinical sales rep teams and has a wide range of knowledge about ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and clinical supplies.