6 Steps to Protect Your Diamond Knife Investment

6 Steps to Protect Your Diamond Knife Investment

If you work at a surgical center, hospital or with a surgical ophthalmologist, you have a decision to make when it comes to your selection of disposable blades or diamond knives. For those of you who have made the choice to use diamond knives for surgical procedures, you certainly know the advantages:

Cleaner, reproducible incisions

Improved wound construction

Sharps safety with its retractable blade

Reduced cost per case from the ability to reuse the diamond knife.

Some would argue that the high initial cost for a diamond knife make this statement sound impractical. However, those detractors would be wrong, as long as you protect your diamond knife investment.


6 Steps to Protect Your Diamond Knife Investment with Opti-Kleen Blade Cleaning System

Step 1 - Place the Opti-Kleen blade cleaning system into the holding tray.

Step 2 - Peel back the top cover on the Opti-Kleen blade cleaning system. Remove your diamond knife from its tray and expose the blade for cleaning.

Step 3 - Vertically insert the soiled blade into the soft blue scrubbing pad.

Step 4 - Work the blade in a cutting-like fashion and allow the gentle scrubbing to clean and remove debris off of the blade surface and deposit into the pad. For stab knives just move the knife up and down in the cleaning block, but make sure to not push the blade any deeper than is needed to incise the block with the full length of diamond.

Step 5 - Simply repeat this in the two separate rinsing compartments until you are finished.

Step 6 - Retract the diamond knife blade back into its handle and place it back into the instrument tray. It is now ready for processing and sterilization.

These steps are simple and are sure to enhance the long-term value of your diamond knife purchases. This process allows blades to be safely cleaned without dulling, chipping or breaking the diamond.

This system utilizes soft foam like material impregnated with Opti-Kleen cleaning detergent that helps loosen proteins and other deposits. The Opti-Kleen blade cleaning system can be used throughout the day for both diamond knives and delicate instruments.

You’ve made that educated decision to use diamond knives, now make sure you protect that investment. For more information on the Opti-Kleen blade cleaning system, contact an Accutome representative (1-800-979-2020) or watch the Opti-Kleen Video here.

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